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Whether your trucks needs local coverage or regional coverage, Radiotronics has your two-way radio and Automatic Vehicle Location reporting needs covered. This revolutionary digital trunking service uses the existing cellular infrastructure to connect all the two-way radios with built in AVL together increasing the coverage area and expanding your company’s reach and communications reliability.


These devices are push-to-talk two way radios in the same manner as traditional two-way radios and repeaters. Unlike traditional two-way radio services, which are limited by geographical coverage area, Radiotronics offers coverage throughout the region or across the state.


System Features :


•95% Coverage Nationwide

•100% Digital Trunking

•Unlimited Talk Time

•Business Grade Audio

•Rugged PTT Devices

•Push-to-Talk Group Call

•Push-to Talk All Call

•Push-to-Talk Private Call

•Computer Aided Dispatch

•AVL Reporting

•Dispatch Remote Monitor

•Secure Communications

•Remote Management

•Consolidate Radio Systems

•Display Radio ID's

•DOT & FMCSA Compliant


Two-Way Radio Push-to-Talk Advantage


For many companies, maintaining effective communication is necessary for a productive

mobile workforce—especially when on the road or spread out over a large geographical

area. That’s where Radiotronics steps in. We have the advantage of commercial vehicle

compliant mobile two-way radios. With the touch of a button, your drivers, dispatchers, or

managers can communicate easily with each other providing valuable status updates and

alerts outside the traditional single site two-way radio coverage. This wide-area trucking radio system offers your mobile workforce a one-to-many or one to one communications

solution. This is a benefit that conventional two-way radio do not offer with their single

channel communications method and sometimes shared single channel. A one-to-many

communications solution will raise situational awareness of those on the road and can result in faster response time when drivers can coordinate among themselves and



Built in Automatic Vehicle Location Reporting


Automatic Vehicle Location or AVL is a means for determining the geographic location of a vehicle using GPS and transmitting this information to a dispatcher where that data can be used. Considering the costs of fuel, labor, and insurance, maintaining control of your trucks is vital. Our cost-effective AVL reporting solutions quickly and effectively helps locate, manage, and coordinate your trucks. AVL Tracking is integrated with our mobile two-way radio systems and can be optionally activated.

If your company would like to learn more about any of our coverage solutions and how these could benefit your company, please call us at